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Welcome to Horsetorque

This new site is the culmination of 30 years of punting knowledge, 10 of those as a full time analyst.

My name is Gavin Haynes I am an Ex Best Bets NSW analyst, I have worked on radio 4TAB, wrote articles for Practical Punting and am a racing tragic.

My partner is technology expert Nathan Powell, a software developer and web designer of the highest order and I would be nowhere without him.

When this site started it was all about speed ratings, over many years I collated the average race times for each grade and track around Australia, using mathematical principals I then turned those times into a number and then used those numbers to create markets.

For the first 9 years we tried to create a comprehensive computer program to do the form. However as most of you are well aware there are so many nuances that we discovered this became an almost impossible task. I was always overriding the system.

Four years ago I expanded into Hong Kong racing, which in my opinion is the supreme model and there betting pools are just awesome. Hong Kong taught me so much about grades and weight with their simple 5 class system (unlike here where no one seems to have a clue). We learnt from there the effect of weight on speed ratings and over the last few years have incorporated those lessons into Australian racing with great success.

Building our knowledge

Despite our success last Spring and during the Autumn I knew there was something missing. There was something else needed to create a total performance rating, and that was the traditional weight rating and that rating needed to be in true parity with the Speed ratings and the Sectional rating. I created that system earlier this year and the launch of the site recently was the first time we had seen it in action.

We saw the advantage of that on day one with Alaskan Rose, she went to town on debut in a RB64 was sent out odds on and won x 4 lengths, her speed rating however was only a 78, but her weight rating for that effort was 96, that is what we used in her next run. We ended up with her at $2.40 and a nice overlay winner.

Back in the drivers seat

The whole operating system has changed and it is now a tool / database for me as a handicapper, placing me firmly in the drivers seat again.

The system instead of calculating a new best Form and Recent Form rating each time a horse races, now goes into a horses last start and tells me what I rated it and what it did last start, from there I reassess the horses and move on, but each time I know exactly what my assessment was without having to do it again.

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The proof is in the pudding!

With all that said the proof they say is in the pudding and Saturday 29th of August 2015 was our first Saturday with the system and I couldn't have been more pleased with the data I received and how the markets shaped up as a result.

We found the aforementioned Alaskan Rose on top in race 2, I suggested top pick Kayjays Joy was a great 1x3 bet at $8 in the 3rd, it ran 3rd.

We had Gold Symphony at $7.18 who won at $8 in the 4th, Bounding was 2nd pick but unders in winning R5.

My best of the day was Charmed Harmony whom I rated $2.33, he led all the way at $3.50.

We followed that with Madame Gangster rated $8.51 winning the 7th at $12, then top pick Boban saluted.

Finally we finished day one with top pick Magnapal winning the last at $12 after being crunched in from $17.

Our top pick, 3rd pick, top pick, top pick quaddie paid a handsome $4100! Not a bad first day.

Since then the winners have just rolled in, the Specials are running at 25% percent on turnover, the Pivot Point Staking Plan at 15% percent on turnover and the Platinum Maiden Mortal locks at 40% percent on turnover.

As an analyst the site is a joy to use and its been something as a punter I have been waiting for 30 years ago, and as time goes by and weight rating data thickens up it can only improve further.

New features

The new site has introduced many new features.

  • Weight ratings for all the tracks we do, plus tracks we don't have race time averages for, including New Zealand which will be fantastic come the Spring.
  • Hong Kong and Australian databases have been merged.
  • Individual comment for each horse.
  • A new control panel for full members which brings up a really detailed profile of each horses form history. Outlining key factor away from the form like whether the are neg splitters or up in weight and distance, weight changes jockey changes and weight changes.
  • We have streamlined the whole site for simple use and ease of operation on all devices.
  • Specials are now all on the front page for easy access with a running tally of how they have performed.
  • The PPP staking plan is online with a run sheet for Melbourne to help you get the most out of our markets.
  • Platinum membership has arrived, gives you all we offer plus the MML's plus they gain site access to the markets 24 hours before all others, limited to 50 clients.

Many more of the changes are at the back end allowing for faster more accurate creation of ratings and the automatic data collection system means that with every passing meeting we accumulate more race time data for tracks we don't have.

Our membership

At present we cover 10-14 meetings across Australia and Hong Kong every week including all mainland metropolitan meetings.

Full membership starts at $28 a week but down to as little as $22 when you purchase an annual subscription and is for the serious form student, with access to horse search feature to check the ratings of any runner plus the full detailed form and control panel, you also get the Lite membership features.

A Lite membership simply supplies my markets and comment, you can view it on screen or print it out in race meeting order or in a chronological race day order and will set you back only $17 a week when purchased on an annual basis.

If you are the sort of punter who just wants a few good thing the Specials membership costs about $15 a week usually supplies about 10-12 tips in that time. Currently running at 40% percent on turnover.

This site is all you will need regardless of what sort of punter you are, we have a service to fit your style and your budget.

As we have said many times before 'it pays to know the fast ones'.

Remember to register your free limited access account to start exploring the site.

Welcome to the future.

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