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Welcome to Horsetorque Speed Ratings.

Long term professional, ex Best Bets and radio 4TAB analyst Gavin Haynes is in his 11th year of providing Speed Ratings for Australian racing.

For those of you who don't know, Speed Ratings are simply a scientific way of expressing a horses race time as a number. Gavin has ammassed an amazing amount of raw data over his 20 years of creating averages, and has statistical data for over 70 Australian race tracks.

Gavin uses his 30 years of punting wisdom, plus his knowledge of speed, weight and trips to ensure his clients have all the facts and figures they need.

Each week Horsetorque provide, full access to form with 18 months worth of form for each runner including speed rating and sectionals rating when available, plus speed markets for each race plus Gavins words of wisdom for 15 meetings a week from right around the Australia with Victoria being the epicentre of all the action.

Below is a list of the overlays in Melbourne Metro meetings only from the 1st of September up to and including Cox Plate day.

  • Anagold rated $3.29 2nd at $17 + $237 Tri in top 5.
  • Garud rated at $9.21 3rd at $17.
  • Foreteller rated at $3.59 wins at $15 +$42 exacta in top 2.
  • Atlantic jewel rated at $1.22 wins at $1.06.
  • Le Bonsir rated at $3.59 wins at $17.
  • Shamal Wind rated a $2.94 wins at $3.10.
  • Iconic Rated at $7.07 wins at $15 +2298 First 4 in top 7.
  • Rockford rated at $3.57 wins $8.50 + $67 Exacta in top 5.
  • Gregers rated at $1.74 wins at $5.40.
  • Lay of The day Politeness runs 3rd at $3.40.
  • Mr OCieren rated at $6.66 wins at $7.50.
  • Its A Dundeel rated at $2.38 wins at $7.50.
  • Blackie rated at $4.52 wins at $8.50.
  • Vatican rated at $4.93 wins at $11 + $639 F4 in top 6.
  • Divine Calling rated at $2.51 wins at $3.30.
  • Mourinho rated at $7.17 wins at $16.10.
  • Lucky Striker rated at $4.36 wins at $7.10.
  • Tallat rated at $9.46 wins at $33 +$1600 F4 in top 7.
  • Vizhaka rated at $8.72 wins at $9.60.
  • Crafty Cruiser rated at $4.15 wins at $15.
  • Sinhala rated at $9.21 wins at $29.
  • Complicate rated at $2.05 wins at $2.30.
  • Mays Dream rated at $1.76 wins at $2.40.
  • Eclair Big Bang rated at $8.40 wins at $12
  • Rebel Dane rated at $2.67 wins at $6.30.
  • Lady Searcy rated at $3.02 wins at $16.
  • Stella Lante rated at $3.17 wins at $4.
  • Polanski rated at $7.79 wins at 412, + $92 Exacta in our top 5.
  • Anatina rated at $8.22 she wins at $9.
  • Happy Trails rated at $14.84 wins at $30.
  • British General rated at $4.59 wins at $7.90.
  • Sea Moon rated at $2.16 wins at $3.20.
  • Solzhenitzen rated at $5.88 wins at $6.10.
  • Divine Calling rated at $6.80 2nd at $15.
  • Shamus Award rated at $6.80 3rd at $28.40.
  • Tips N Beers rated at $1 wins at $9.
  • Arabian Gold rated at $2.79 wins at $3.10.
  • Lay Of The Day Honorious runs unplaced at $6.
  • Spurtonic rated at $3.10 wins at $3.10.
  • Fawkner rated at $8.05 wins at $9.90.
  • Secret bToy Bizness rated at $3.14 wins at $9.
  • Gypsy Diamond rated at $9.33 wins at $13.10.
  • Minaj rated at $5.61 wins at $6.
  • Magnus Reign rated at $10.60 wins at $15.
  • Esprit Rossa rated at $8.65 wins at $10.50.
  • Canali rated at $5.94 wins at $10.
  • Vibrant Rouge rated at $4.76 wins at $7.50.
  • Savvy Nature rated at $1 wins at $2.40.
  • Thermal Current rated at $5 wins at $6.
  • Lay Of The Day Mourinho runs unplaced at $4.80.
  • Toydini rated at $3.40 wins at $3.40.
  • Shamus Award rated at $10.36 wins at $26.

Horsetorque operates for 46 weeks a year taking a 6 week break from mid July until late August every year.

Feel free to check out our results for free, there is a years worth on site.

Prices vary depending on the time of year but the majority are long termers who pay less than $2 a meeting for our service. Head to subscribe to sign up and find out why it pays to know the fast ones.

Here at Horsetorque we take pride in what we do and we love it when we get feedback like the following:

"Race two at Flemington last Saturday epitomises why your speed ratings are the best in the world. Before I met you I was a typical Herald Sun form guide punter winning occasionally and mostly losing. Now over the last six years I am a horsetorque student losing occasionally and mostly winning. I don’t recognise my former self. It is like having the odds stacked in your favour and Saturday race two was a cracker. It had it all…

By way of your education in punting along the way I pay extra attention to the sprints where speed ratings seem to prevail more where tempo has less to do with outcomes.

Anatina had both a best form and expected rating as the fastest horse in the race with her numbers.

What really made the race a compelling betting proposition though was your commentary—Anatina had won three from five last campaign instilling confidence in her ability—more so had won first up and was also proven down the straight at Flemington ticking all the boxes and more the point gun jockey CW who had also won on her previously was back on.

Then I saw that your commentary around the favourite Gregers-would ensure ultimate value, not even in your market—up 7KG setting off warning bells also to an unsuitable distance-2nd up likely to bounce and was your lay of the day—good enough for me—I know since your Hong Kong work you are finely attuned to the impact of weight on ratings and then I saw third pick miss promiscuity who was a close up rated danger to the top pick was scratched it all pointed to having a crack at the top pick---I went very hard at the $16.30 each way on Anatina because I knew regardless of the outcome I had the logic of speed and your observations on my side.

Williams leading all the way was a beautiful thing to watch.

When some of the other punters in the Byron Bay pub witnessing my delight as they crossed the line with their newspaper form guides in my hand asked why I had backed her-I just said, not knowing where to start-it’s a long story.

How long would it take to explain your insights about negative splits, the ratings themselves-importance of fitness, the failure rate of runners up in weight and distance, to someone starting from scratch –especially with only several minutes to the next race—subscribing to horsetorque is more than a form guide it is an education and advantage every punter dreams of!

Funny thing is unlike the old me I know if she (Anatina) goes out unders next time—I won’t have any emotional connection to backing her –because I will know it is all about the ratings.

I know the definition of a good horse these days –is the fastest rated horse in the race. You taught me that.

Made for a good weekend so I thought I would share with you my gratitude champ!!!

Looking forward to the Spring!

CW Bentleigh"

Keep your eyes peeled as we close in on next season but at this stage its business as usual with 11 weeks to go until the end of the season.

It pays To Know The Fast Ones!
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