Welcome to the birth of our new baby to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

For those who have been with us for a while I hope you are impressed as much as I am, as a punter for over 30 years and a full time analyst for 10 years, this new edition of the site is everything I have ever dreamed of.

When we first started it was all about speed but as time went by we added sectional ratings so we knew who was hitting the line and who wasn't, but there were always little holes, and that was a result of us missing the traditional weight rating.

The original plan was to shut the site down for a week, but we decided not to miss a beat and give you instant access to our meetings, markets, lite and the horse search features already implemented. Other features like my blogging platform, articles, shopping cart will be going in over the next week. The key is that while this happens you get to try out the new toy!

Some cool new features include.

Weight ratings, individual horse comment and days between runs.

A control panel in addition to the usual detailed form, which provides key changes from last run to this, ie weight trip jockey, neg splitters, and horses up in weight and distance. A grouped runs display provides instant access to all runs this distance and all runs in wet.

We thought the best way to market the site was to open it up totally FREE until Monday 31st of August 2015. All current paid memberships will also get this FREE access as well, so all expiry count downs have been suspended until the free access finishes on Monday. But if you are a current Lite member you can see what information our full members have access to for a few days.

Any current paid members will still need to re-register on the new site though. We have a system in place that will use your email to look into the old site database and bring across all your membership details.

If we can pick up a few new members which I feel is a no brainer we will extend our coverage from 15 meetings a week to 20. So if you know anyone that has an interest in thoroughbred racing please tell them to head to www.horsetorque.net and register and enjoy a 5 FREE days of access.

Over the next few weeks I will put up articles and updates of the Platinum MML Club and how its been performing, some how-to videos etc.

So please enjoy it's going to be a huge Spring!